Chairman’s Statement

Chong Lek Engineering Works has been experiencing rapid growth since it opened its doors in 1979.& We are indeed pleased with the stronger sales and profitability performances, as it is reflective of the commitment and direction of vision that Chong Lek Engineering Works embraces.

In spite of the effects of the global economic pendulum, we managed to achieve sustained and increased growth.& We are confident that Chong Lek Engineering Works will continue to grow at a positive rate.& This positive and optimistic outlook is based on the strong growth in domestic as well as international demand.

We will continue to enjoy our remarkable success as we continue to strive for sustainable, capital efficient and profitable growth where we will pursue our vision.& Our emphasis on innovation and breakthrough is depicted in our continuous research and development in offering first class products and services to all our customers.

We will continue to evolve and adapt to a changing world but our basic foundation remains unchanged and reflects our commitment to meeting the accelerating and changing demands of our customers.

Our ultimate vision is to become a multi-national company.& We intend to expand our horizon into the international markets to serve and meet the demands and requirements of our customers from round the world.& More importantly, we are looking at building long term relationship with our clients.& At present, we have good business relationship with a few multi-national companies abroad.& This served as a foundation for Chong Lek Engineering Works towards achieving our vision in the near future.& In order to ensure that our vision will become reality, we will continue to innovate, improve, and adapt along with the rapid technology advancement to provide quality products and excellent services.& Our vast and valuable experience in this industry, coupled with our modern technology as well as profound reputation in the Malaysian market, our vision is just one step away.


When it comes to technology, Chong Lek Engineering Works goes for the best.& There is absolutely no room for compromise in this area.& Our remarkable success today is a result of stronger synergies, improved efficiencies, new and improved products and consistent marketing efforts all directed at satisfying our customers.

Chong Lek Engineering Works recognizes the added-value impact of technology to its business competitiveness and sustained growth.& We integrate and collaborate the latest technology manufacturing of our final products.& Quality, excellence is depicted in our final products.& We exercise quality control in manufacture because we only believe in delivering the best to our customers.& We manifests this recognition through our commitment to technology development and investment in infrastructure, projects and employee development.

Breakthrough Through Technology
The dynamism and resilience of the Chong Lek Engineering Works paved the way for continuous development and innovation.& As such, we endeavour “Breakthrough through technology” in every aspect.

Fast pace advancement of technology has led us to be constantly innovative in our products and services.& We constantly innovate in order to keep abreast with the latest technology and to ensure that all our customers’ needs and demands are met at all times.

We strive to deliver the best products, services, and support align with our commitment to be a customer-oriented organization.

We conduct business with the highest degree of integrity.& At Chong Lek Engineering Works, we look towards sustaining long-term relationship for continuous advancement and success.